New executive education courses offer fresh thinking

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    Mon 24 Jul 17

Essex Business School has launched an exciting new range of executive education programmes for senior business leaders.

These intensive two to four day courses draw on the world-leading research and real-world business experience of our academic experts, and are available in general management, innovation, strategy, and key account management.

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani, Head of Executive Education, tells us more.

What were your aims for these courses?

We set out to understand the impact organisations are seeking to achieve and looked at how we could help them improve their performance.

Our aim is to build confident leaders and professionals who are able to take a fresh perspective and have the drive, capability and resilience to ensure that they and their organisations are successful.

Give us an example of one of the new programmes.

Let’s talk about ‘Accelerating Innovation’. This programme is for Directors and senior executives of businesses that are struggling to keep pace with technological change. They learn to develop better business models in order to deliver products and services more efficiently and effectively in an unpredictable world.

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani
"We show leaders how to innovate to protect their business in times of change, whilst still finding opportunities for growth." 
Professor Tazeeb Rajwani Head of Executive Education

This programme will mainly be of interest to leaders (or aspiring leaders) from UK-based companies for now, but we are also exploring delivery to SMEs in Malaysia as part of our internationalisation strategy.

How do you balance academic theory with practical tools?

Whether firms want to grow, innovate, perform better or deal with a shifting competitive landscape, we create learning solutions in partnership with firms that benefit both individuals and organisations.

We use Essex faculty with real-world experiences to develop programmes based on our research that not only inspire individuals, but also make a real difference.

Our practitioners share both their wisdom and real case studies to help leaders drive their businesses forward.

What's different about executive education at Essex Business School?

Our executive education offer is collaborative, practical, and academically rigorous with an emphasis on developing responsible leaders.

We draw on research specialisms from across the University, which is world-leading in the social sciences. For example, poverty, inequality and human rights are all themes that will be discussed in our programmes. We’re leveraging Essex’s distinctive strengths and proud history.

Tell us about your professional background and how it helped you design these courses.

I am Professor of International Business and Strategy and Director of Executive and Postgraduate Programmes at Essex Business School.

I was previously Associate Professor in Strategy and Executive MBA Director at Cranfield School of Management, one of Europe’s leading business schools, and have also taught at the University of Warwick, London Business School, Kings College London and the University of Edinburgh.

Professor Tazeeb Rajwani
"I have run executive programmes with global companies including Jaguar Land Rover, EY, IBM, Oracle, PwC, EDF, the Central Bank of Nigeria, and the UN." 
Professor Tazeeb Rajwani Head of Executive Education

I held a senior management position at KPMG where I worked in corporate finance.

All of these experiences have helped me design these new short programmes that help leaders think creatively and make a real impact.

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