Take your career potential to the next level

Employers are demanding decisions based on data more than ever. Being comfortable and familiar with using data at work is therefore becoming an essential skill.

At the University of Essex, every student has the opportunity to gain these vital skills, at no additional cost when they study.

We offer a whole range of programmes for Essex students to develop these skills and build upon the career and employability opportunities we provide. 

Whether you have a passion for data, or no interest - but recognise it could prove useful in your future career, we have opportunities for everyone.

Getting started with Data and Data Science

Having skills in using raw and unstructured data to determine trends, patterns and correlations in ways that can help companies spot opportunities and negotiate risks are helping our graduates become more attractive in a booming job market. At Essex, we want you to stand out from the crowd and leave with a transformational education, ready for what the future throws at you.

Already studying Data within your degree?

For students where data is a part of your degree but not the main feature, we offer the opportunity to gain advanced analytical skills within the degree programme. This is recognised in the final degree title and transcript.

As an undergraduate student, studying for a qualifying degree within the Department of Government, History, Sociology, Language and Linguistics or Essex Business School you can gain enhanced quantitative skills simply by enrolling on specific modules and following our Q-Step pathway.

Not sure if it's for you?

For some, studying data might simply not be your thing. But, having these skills will enhance how attractive you might be to a potential employer. Through our 'Chart my Path and the Big Essex Award' initiative, we provide a wide range of extra-curricular activities to get you ready for the competitive workplace.

Interested in studying a full degree in data?

If you have experience in data already and interest to learn more and continue your study in the field? We have a range of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Data-based courses.

Undergraduate courses

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Postgraduate taught courses

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Postgraduate research courses