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Health, Wellbeing and Care Hub

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Making a difference regionally, nationally and internationally.

Our vision is to be recognised as a centre of excellence in health-related research and workforce development.


The Health Wellbeing and Care Hub provides placement opportunities, workforce development and research opportunities in a clinical setting for communities within the field and seeks to affect policies and practices locally, nationally and internationally.

The Hub showcases research conducted across the University as well as working with experts across the field, utilising community focused state-of-the-art facilities to provide developments in treatments and clinical services to address the health needs of the region.

We will deliver specialist clinical research to support the development of a resilient health and wellbeing workforce, providing easy access to students and partners. The Hub will also generate high quality placements for our University students providing workforce development advancements, as well as providing opportunities in Continuous Professional Development for local care facilities either taught individually or as a group.

Coming soon to the University of Essex, Colchester Campus

health and wellbeing care hub blueprint
Blueprint of the Health and Wellbeing Care Hub
Health and Wellbeing Care Hub side-view
Health and Wellbeing Care Hub Exterior

Our Vision

Support the University’s vision to be recognised as a centre for excellence in health-related research and workforce development through the creation of community orientated services delivering material improvements to public health and wellbeing.

Support the development of a resilient health and wellbeing workforce, trained and equipped to address future health threats.

Provide easy access for partners to benefits from the University’s knowledge and expertise, skills and talent-base, enabling partnerships within health and care-related sectors.

Generate high quality placements for our students, who are the future health and care workforce.

Our Objectives

Provide workforce development opportunities with cutting edge state-of-the-art facilities.

Provide multi-use services, spans the life course and offers outward facing services.

Generates collaborative and multi-disciplinary research projects

Stress, Trauma and Wellbeing 

Child and Adolescent Health  

Service Lead: Megan Klabunde

  • Offer research opportunities for students across numerous multidisciplinary studies and across numerous areas of human health (including high priority topics such as mental health, obesity, health disparities etc).
  • Community engagement with school programs and outside community groups to participate in research.
  • The research conducted as a part of this service will range from mechanistic applied clinical research to opportunities for clinical trials, and then for the active translation of the research into clinical practice.

Social Work

Service Lead: Gert Scheepers

  • Offer clinical group support (including peer mentorship/engagement) services at Essex from across rehabilitation and wellbeing hubs
  • Develop system for social work evaluations with Essex County council
  • Facilitate social prescribing and prevention services within the Essex community

RelWell: Essex Relationship Wellbeing Service

Service Lead: Dr Veronica La Marche

Offer members of the community a space to learn more about healthy relationships across key relationship (e.g., dating; sexual health/consent; satisfaction; dissolution/rejection) and lifespan milestones (e.g., transition to marriage, transition to parenthood, transition to retirement).

Offer a space for co-creation of research and to facilitate collaborations with community partnerships as they pertain to relationships

Stress, Trauma and Wellbeing Clinical Resources

  • Developing a DClinPsy placement, which will offer treatment for stress and trauma to the community that will be conducted within the hubs
  • Other disciplines may also participate in the offering of related services pertaining stress, trauma and for fostering wellbeing for our community

Stress and Trauma Research

  • To showcase the research conducted within the university that focuses on trauma and disparities that lead to health, social and other problems with our local Essex community and world-wide
  • Group to provide collaborations pertaining to these themes to expand research and also to translate research results into clinical trials for conducting new research
  • Please contact to share research conducted within this field


Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Service

Service Lead: Andrew Bateman

  • Provide neuropsychological rehabilitation and testing services to the community
  • Offer clinical placements to trainees conducting neuro-rehabilitation
  • Conduct research on rehabilitation and to translate new research into new clinical trials for developing new treatments
  • Develop virtual platform for brain injury

Speech, Language and Communication

Service Lead: Andrew Bateman

  • Offer treatments for communication difficulties and for improving daily living activities for those with neurodiversity
  • Provide interventions for careers and teachers for those with neurodiversity
  • Preventative approach by universally delivering interventions and providing screening for speech and language difficulties

Upper Limb and Hand Therapy Clinic

Service Lead: Andrew Bateman

  • Providing a range of services including splinting, hand rehabilitation, occupational therapy and support to service users, families, friends and other health care professionals (workforce training).
  • Will provide trainings to students and continuing professional development courses and placements

Falls Prevention

Service Lead: Matt Taylor

It will offer those with long term conditions, (for example, individuals recovering from stroke, COPD, arthritis) and older people the opportunity to benefit from a full assessment and to receive an intervention programme based on existing and new evidence.


Health Leadership

Service Lead: Danielle Tucker

  • Develop a space for sharing expertise with a range of organisations within the health, public health and social care sectors. - Will host challenge lab style incubation events focusing on key local health management challenges.
  • Through this platform we hope to extend the reach of our knowledge exchange in the following areas:

a. Inclusive and collaborative leadership

b. Creating shared vision and meaning across organisational boundaries

c. New forms of organising for accountability/governance

d. Digital innovation and inclusive change management

Knowledge Exchange Service and Citizen's Science

Service Lead: Chiara Di Cesare

  • Research-based service will provide consultation pertaining to co-production and conducting projects pertaining to citizen science
  • Focus on developing participatory projects with people with lived experience of the health and wellbeing dimensions within the community
  • Conduct citizens science research, which will have citizens collect data
  • The aim of the work: to empower people with an active role in the generation of positive changes within their community through participation in research activity.

Data Science and Statistics

Service Lead: Osama Mahmoud

  • The proposed Hub will support the math sciences researchers to link with public institutions including MSE and businesses and develop knowledge transfer activities
  • Data Science is multi-disciplinary by its very nature, but it will provide an opportunity to showcase our research to external partners and provide a greater opportunity for improved cross-disciplinary research and external engagement.