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Marketing and Student Recruitment

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About our team

The Marketing and Student Recruitment (MaSR) team are responsible for the University of Essex’s centralised marketing and recruitment activity. This large, dynamic team features multiple areas that work across an exciting mix of activities to promote the University of Essex offer to prospective learners around the world.

We currently have vacancies across a number of areas within the team, including:

Explore these exciting opportunities below and join a team of creative and talented higher education professionals. All of MASR work collectively to contribute to the University’s overarching mission of recruiting passionate, empathetic and ambitious young learners.

Student Recruitment

For many students, the first time they learn of a university is through activities at their school or college, or from attending a large-scale recruitment fair. Our Student Recruitment team work closely with schools and colleges across the world, sharing the University of Essex experience through in-person and virtual events and enthusing prospective students about the experience of pursuing a higher education qualification.

Our Student Recruitment team are often travelling around the UK and the world, engaging with a diverse population of prospective students. They are comfortable seeing new sights, meeting new people, and delivering exceptional public speaking. For many potential students, the Student Recruitment team members are their first point of contact – and open the door to an exciting journey with the University of Essex.

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