Equality and diversity policy and strategy

The University’s Equality and Diversity Framework and Sub-Strategy 2015-18 sets out our obligations under equalities legislation and how we intend to meet those obligations. In 2015, the University’s Council approved an Equality and Diversity Framework and Sub-Strategy 2015-18 and accompanying Codes of Practice.

Key themes

The Framework and Sub-Strategy have four key themes:

  1. Promoting equality and diversity: making a difference
  2. The student experience
  3. The staff experience
  4. Putting equality and diversity at the heart of all we do.


The Framework sets out our obligations and how we intend to meet them by embedding equality and diversity, working in partnership with others, aspiring to achieve independent access to services and facilities for all, encouraging disclosure of protected characteristics and setting out the inclusive behaviours we expect from staff and students.


The action plan within the Sub-Strategy contains our equality objectives and progress. The objectives form part of our equality, diversity and inclusion annual reports.

Codes of Practice

The Codes of Practice aim to provide staff and students with practical guidance on issues related to each of the specific protected characteristics covered by the Equality Act 2010.

The Codes of Practice also help managers deal with diversity within their teams. It also helps managers inform individual members of staff and students of the responsibilities of the University, and their rights under the Equality Act 2010.

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