The THINK series

At Essex we encourage critical, innovative and forward thinking. Our award-winning THINK series is rebellious and revolutionary. We engage with controversial issues that cross disciplines and discuss the issues and moral dilemmas that really matter. The THINK series is Essex. Are you?

Our debates and seminars are open to all.

THINK won the Guardian University Award for Student Experience 2016.

THINK series programme 2016-17


Join in debates with fantastic speakers who share their experiences. Meet sex workers, MPs, campaigners, convicted criminals, directors, scientists and soldiers. Follow the debates on Twitter with #ThinkSeries.


The seminars take place normally a week before each debate. They are a space where you come together in a smaller groups to talk informally about the forthcoming debate under the guidance of our THINK convenor Dr Matt Lodder.

Previous debates

THINK 2015
"THINK was a fantastic opportunity for me to go beyond the general scope of my academic life and use the skills and knowledge I have learned to think about real-world, practical problems. I would highly recommend any student to take the opportunity to expand their own horizons by attending THINK."
Hanik Kotecha, student

Reactions to THINK

We spoke to students, speakers and Dr Carlos Gigoux, who organises THINK, after Political Violence or Peaceful Protests?

Our Chancellor, Shami Chakrabarti, discusses the THINK series

Series coordinator

Matt Lodder

Dr Matt Lodder, THINK series coordinator

Dr Matt Lodder

Matt is currently Director of American Studies, overseeing US degree programs in our Interdisciplinary Studies Centre.

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