Communal supper and conversation: precarity and politics today

Part of the Precarious exhibition

In the spirit of mutual aid and working together to create a better society to live in, we are hosting a free supper of vegetarian stews and homemade bread.

The evening includes conversations with COVER – the Centre for Commons Organising, Values Equalities and Resilience – a new research group at the University of Essex who explore theories for creating, managing and promoting the ‘commons’. They will explore precarity and affective politics, changing the radical imagination, and the changing nature of the media environment.

Communal supper and conversation: precarity and politics today
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In 1975 Tom Waits wrote the song “Emotional Weather Report,” where he explored the various moods shaping a person’s life through weather metaphors: low pressure zones, cold fronts moving in, sunny in the morning and chance of precipitation by evening. They menace your ability to deal rationally with a precarious situation. The same imagery provides an apt framework for understanding the changing affective conditions we find ourselves in. There are sunny days of rejoicing and frolicking, and cold days where it is better to stay inside with a warm blanket dreaming and planning. There is the suddenly cold morning marking the coming of winter, and a drizzly afternoon when spring flowers begin to bloom. What then do the changing winds of fortune bring? Will a chilly front moving in from the north mean an early freeze, or perhaps a new thaw of creativity and commons building?

Rather than a formal presentation, the evening will be one evolving conversation and dialogue.

Free – but booking is essential.  Further info to follow!