Res Life: Self-Isolate and Stay Connected - Virtual Events (14-20 June)

Residents' Assistants (RAs) are hosting a number of virtual events over Zoom to help you stay connected with others this Summer term.

  • Mon 14 - Sun 20 Jun 21


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    Networking or social

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    Residence Life

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Self-isolating? Or looking for something new to do? Residence Life are hosting a range of virtual events via Zoom so you can stay connected and in touch with friends and students on campus. Open to all students at University of Essex.

Take a look at our range of online events below. 

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Zoom Meeting ID

Event Description

Among Us 

Thursday 17 June


657 582 5872

Connect with others while playing the popular game "Among Us". We will use the “Among Us” app while talking to each other on Zoom to break up the routine. Organised by RA Annabelle.

Virtual Games Night

Thursday 17 June


578 3338 955

Come along to our Games night of Bingo, Scattergories, Charades and more. Join us for an evening of fun activities and meet new friends. Organised by RA Karolina.

Werewolf Mafia

Friday 18 June


910 6708 0519

Join us for an engaging game of Werewolf/Mafia. This is a social deduction game were participants try to identify the imposter in the group before a set time runs out. Organised by RA Oluwatomi and RA Daveed.

Summer Quiz Night

Saturday 19 June


411 118 6148 

Let’s come together for an exciting quiz, covering different topics to fit various interests. Meet new people and connect while exploring fun topics. Organised by RA Bronson.

Art Night

Saturday 19 June


958 2774 092

Come along to do some art and crafts while meeting new people. Share your art and creations with others and reconnect with other students. Organised by RA Titiana.

Tackling Anxiety during the Pandemic

Sunday 20 June


949 5085 2342

Join us for a discussion on how to recognise anxiety, what to do to get better, and how to get back to a ‘normal productive' routine. Organised by RA Iva.


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