Mainstreaming Financial Inclusion Conference

Essex Conference on Financial Inclusion 2020

  • Fri 6 Nov 20

    10:00 - 16:00

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    Essex Business School

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    Professor Thankom Arun

The 2020 Essex Conference on Financial Inclusion, organised by Essex Business School, is being held as part of a major projected funded by the UK-India Education and Research Initiative. The event is bringing together scholars from around the world to share important research in broad areas related to the theme of mainstreaming financial inclusion.


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Online conference programme


10am - 10.15am 

Welcome: Professor Thankom Arun, Principal Investigator of the UKIERI-funded project

Opening remarks: Professor Neil Kellard, Dean of Essex Business School

Morning papers

10.15am - 12pm

Chair: Professor Sheri Markose

  • Jim Vine (University of Essex), Some Comparisons Between Financial Inclusion in India and the UK 
  • Mais Shaban (AL-Zaytoonah, University of Jordan), Cross-Country Variation in Financial Inclusion: A Global Perspective
  • Rajalaxmi Kamath (IIM, Bangalore) Three Decades of Microlending in a South Indian Town: Transformations in Organisations, Actors, and Financial Flows
  • P.C. Narayan (IIM, Bangalore) Impacts of Social Progress and Social Inclusion on Financial Inclusion Outcomes -  The India Context

 Afternoon papers

1pm - 2.30pm

Chair: Professor Claudia Girardone

  • Sheri M. Markose (University of Essex), Financial Inclusion, At What Cost?: Quantification of Economic Viability of a Supply Side Roll Out
  • Udichibana Bose (University of Essex), Financial Decisions and Information Networks Among Female-headed Households
  • Rasheed Alrashidi (University of Essex), Access to Finance: A Case Study of Indian Firms.


2.30pm - 4pm

Moderator : Professor Victor Murinde, SOAS

  • Thankom Arun, Claudia Girardone and Sheri Markose (University of Essex)

Roundtable on mainstreaming financial inclusion.


More details on financial inclusion.

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