Philanthropy at Essex

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At Essex, we are proud of the diversity of our students, they represent all backgrounds and come from all over the world. Our students are what make Essex so special and we will always do everything we can to give them the amazing university experience they deserve.

Coming to Essex is a life-changing opportunity and we are proud that we recruit students based on their potential to benefit from a transformational Essex education. Essex isn’t just a degree. The Essex Spirit makes students part of our community for life, builds their questioning and challenging mindset and gives them a global outlook. Now more than ever, the world needs people with these skills and attitudes. We want everyone to be able to experience and enjoy what makes Essex unique, whatever their background or individual circumstances.

The Essex experience begins the moment a student is interested in joining our community. We make sure that anyone who wants to come to Essex has the opportunity to do so. We make sure that they can afford to stay, that they have access to the activities and experiences that are a treasured part of a student’s Essex experience and that they are supported if they find themselves in financial difficulty through no fault of their own. These are the moments in a student’s journey where our alumni and supporters can really make a difference.

We support our students by raising money for lots of different things, but we are asking for your generous help in three key areas:

  • Hardship Fund – to make sure that financially students can withstand unexpected events
  • Scholarships – to make sure that everyone has access to an Essex education
  • Student Experience – to make sure that every student gets to have the full Essex experience

You can donate to any of the above causes, if you have any questions about these three areas, or philanthropy at the University of Essex, please get in touch by emailing

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Philanthropy at Essex