UK Data Archive

A crucial part of the UK's research infrastructure since 1967

The internationally renowned UK Data Archive has been a centre of excellence in aquiring, curating and providing access to social science and humanities data for over 50 years.

We have helped Essex become a vital part of the Social Science eco system, where we are curators of the largest collection of digital data in social sciences and humanities in the UK.
“The UKDA is the UK’s only nationally-funded research infrastructure for the curation and provision of access to social science data, and our practices, especially around secure access to data and data curation, have been influential across the world.”
Matthew Woollard, Director, UK Data Archive


Our specialist staff provide a diverse skills base upon which we have built our strong international reputation

Our highly dedicated and specialist staff hold expertise in social science data archiving and include thought leaders in domains such as digital preservation, data ethics and data governance. This diverse skills base helps us build on our long-standing international expertise and strengthen our reputation throughout the international data arena.

Knowledge and resources

We provide a wide-range of resources for data users and depositors