2020 applicants
Interacting with the World

Meaning in life

Leaving your impact on the world

How do individuals perceive meaning in their lives, and how does that meaning manifest in behaviour?

  • What role does mortality awareness play in pursuits of meaning?
  • Can thinking about death in different ways lead to more (or less) authentic conceptions of the self?
  • Can seemingly insignificant social interactions and everyday behaviours influence and improve well-being?
  • Can interventions target fears to improve the success of social interactions, especially when those interactions are focused on difficult and challenging subjects (e.g., talking about death and dying, talking about physical or mental illness)?
  • In this current culture of disconnection, what are the consequences of people finding it hard to make friends, and from that lack of belonging?

Our staff members working on these sorts of questions are known internationally for their contributions to this important area of psychology. Their methods range from traditional questionnaire approaches to more impactful experimental designs, as well as studying individuals outside of the psychological lab.

We also work on related areas such as well-being, motivation, and interpersonal relationships.