Research Group

Cognitive and Sensory Neuroscience Group

We investigate the mechanisms underlying perception, action control and cognition in healthy, developmental and abnormal populations with an emphasis on delineating the relationship between brain and behaviour. Our work aims to understand how mental events and behavioural performance are implemented by the neurophysiological processes that take place in our bodies and brains. We use and develop neurophysiological concepts and methodologies to inform and refine perceptual and cognitive theories, as well as to guide clinical applications and treatments.

Our research expertise ranges from work on vision, hearing, touch and multisensory perception to the neurophysiological mechanisms underlying language, action, attention, emotion and social processes. The majority of our research is conducted at the Centre for Brain Science, which was opened in March 2009 and houses state-of-the-art brain imaging facilities (NIRS, EEG, EMG, TMS and tDCS), eye trackers, GSR and biofeedback equipment, as well as other psychophysiological devices. Our group receives funding from the BBSRC, ESRC, British Academy, Leverhulme Trust and the Wellcome Trust.