School of Philosophy and Art History

Megakles' career story

Megakles smiling for the camera.

Megakles Rogakos, PhD Art History and Theory, 2017 

What have you done since graduating from Essex?

I have been working freelance as a Curator of Exhibitions. It's the thing I do best and I'm thoroughly enjoying the challenge.

What exhibitions have you curated so far?

"The Muses Project: A Dialogue between Art and Science", for 9 curators and 27 artists at the House of Cyprus, Athens (2016)

The Contemporary Art Museum of Chania (2017)

"Prossalendi's Britannia" Historical Perspective (7 - 29 July 2018)

"Romanticism in Corfu" (2 -26 August 2018)

"Prossalendi's Britannia" Contemporary Perspective (1 -29 September 2018) all at the Ionian Academy, Corfu.

What do you enjoy about your work?

It's like juggling. One becomes a master at it.

What do you expect your next step to be?

I always aim high. One fine exhibition leads to an even finer one.

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