Careers in Mathematics, Statistics and Actuarial Science

Michaela Palmer

"People always said that with maths you can do anything."

Michaela Palmer, BSc Mathematics graduate, now an ATT qualified Assistant Tax Accountant at Price Bailey.

When I was completing my A-Levels I didn't know what I wanted to study at university, but I did well in maths and people always said that with maths you can do anything. I chose Essex as it was close to home, there was a great atmosphere, and the support team were friendly and helpful.

My favourite part of my degree was my research project in my final year as it gave me the chance to look at how maths affects my life in ways I had never considered. I also loved the laws of physics module as it was very interesting and relevant to my interests.

Outside my studies I took part in the Big Essex Award and got a distinction in my maths skills module. I also took part in the research scheme at Essex and ended up working in the maths department on a PhD project. It was very interesting and really helped me with my degree as I was able to put the skills I had learnt into my studies.

I'm now an ATT qualified assistant tax accountant at Price Bailey. When I was looking for a job, I found that having the knowledge on how to fill out application forms, complete the pre-interview exams to get a job and just being more confident in my abilities was a great help.

I would advise students to go into their degree with an open mind. Do as much as you can to support your studies with research projects and extra support from staff and branch out with what modules you choose and immerse yourself in the subject.