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What kind of job can I get? What skills will I gain? How will you support my career development? What opportunities will I have? A degree from our Department of Literature, Film and Theatre Studies can lead to many exciting career pathways.

What kind of job will I be able to get?

  • Public relations
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Journalism
  • Filmmaking and production
  • Cinematographer
  • Film critic
  • Publishing
  • Directing
  • Stage production
  • Technical theatre management
  • Applied theatre
  • Performance
  • Screenwriting
  • Novelist
  • Freelancing

What skills will I gain?

  • You'll develop your critical thinking skills so you can question and analyse information effectively – a sought after skill in many industries, as well as an essential skill for anyone who wishes to pursue further study.
  • Through your assignments you will develop key employment skills such as teamwork, self-assessment and you will be given guidance on writing your CV in the module "Writing in Society: the Art of Communication".
  • Project management – especially if you choose one of our film, drama or journalism courses.

How will you support my career development?

In your first year the module “Writing in Society: The Art of Communication” looks at the skills which each of our subjects develops and gives them context within the professional world. Through the assignments you will develop key employment skills such as teamwork, self-assessment and you will be given guidance on writing your CV.

Former graduates and other experts are invited to give presentations on the careers they built on the back of their degrees from within the creative subjects. You can also choose to include a Placement Year within your degree. We’ll help you to find a relevant opportunity and ensure that you make the most of a great chance to improve your career prospects.

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“You need to be prepared to use and develop other areas of expertise, like IT skills, customer service, promotion, managing budgets and so on, to serve and promote your main area of authority, whether that’s writing, filmmaking or the performing arts. Your early career experiences help you to collect the building blocks of a portfolio-style career, which will call on your different strengths at different times."
Dr Annecy Lax playwright, theatre producer and Senior lecturer in drama

Our graduates

We're proud of the journeys our graduates are on. From the opportunities they've experienced and the variety of career paths they have embarked upon, our graduates are sharing their stories with us.

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You don't need to have your future all planned out. We offer a range of opportunities to build your CV, and gain valuable experience and expertise, including guidance on creating a start-up or becoming an entrepreneur, to ensure your career is on the right track for when you graduate.

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