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Acquire and put into practice the skills of a mediator and negotiator with this unique opportunity from the Essex Law School.


Are you drawn to peace-making? Do you know that as a lawyer you can use your skills and expertise to work with parties to conflict to help them come to a “win-win” resolution? Are you aware that most conflicts settle out of court through mediation and negotiation? Join the Essex Mediation Clinic and gain practical experience in Mediation, which is fast becoming a core skill in law and business. 

Applications to join the Essex Mediation Clinic will open soon.

Why join the Essex Mediation Clinic?

Mediation is fast becoming a core skill in law and business. As an Essex graduate with experience in this field, you will stand out from the crowd in a competitive graduate market, becoming one of the growing numbers of legal professionals with command of this increasingly sought-after skillset.

  • Lawyers are more and more expected to resolve disputes without the delay and expense of litigation.
  • You will be able to combine the legal knowledge learned throughout your degree course with the expertise and skills of the mediator.
  • You will acquire invaluable transferable skills that you will be able to use in both your professional and your personal life.
  • You will develop the skills, ability and confidence to work independently, to make decisions in difficult situations and to guide the parties towards mutually beneficial outcomes.
  • You will develop skills in negotiation.
  • You will learn techniques to handle emotions and dynamics that impede resolution.
  • You will learn about alternatives to court and gain a more accurate view of how the legal system.


What can you expect as a member of the Essex Mediation Clinic?

  • A step by step approach that allows you to develop in a safe space and face the next challenge when you are ready for it.
  • Interactive workshops in small groups.
  • Thorough practical training in mediation.
  • Enthusiastic and supportive training/teaching style.
  • Opportunities to work with and/or for.
  • Organisations putting your newly acquired skills into practice.
  • Regular supervision and constructive feedback that will help you reach your potential. 


How will this help you with your future career?

  • You will stand out from the crowd, becoming one of the growing numbers of legal professionals with command of this increasingly sought-after skillset
  • You will be able to combine your legal knowledge with the approach and competencies of the mediator
  • You will be able to decide what is in your clients’ interests and how to fairly serve them
  • You will have gained invaluable transferable skills, in the areas of communication, client care, teamwork, leadership amongst many others.
  • Your improved decision-making and autonomy will help you in many professional settings



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