Research cluster

Health, medicine and community

About us

This research cluster brings together individuals who carry out research on health and bodies.

The aim of this research cluster is to think about how bodies move through the world across time periods.

Our members work on a number of projects including the Wellcome Trust Investigator Award: 'Body, Self, and Family: Women's Psychological, Emotional and Bodily Health in Britain, c.1960-1990' and public engagement with schools and Girl Guides about period poverty and body image.

Our work also covers the digital humanities, and projects include looking for sensory experience of preparing or taking medicines and pain/emotion descriptions in C17th texts.

All members of our research cluster work together collaboratively to support each others work.


Tracey Loughran
Professor Tracey Loughran
Professor, Department of History
Research interests: Gender, health and medicine; Psychology and psychoanalysis; Mass culture; War and trauma
Kate Mahoney
Dr Kate Mahoney
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant, Department of History
Research interests: Feminism and radical politics; Gender, health and medicine; Community-based and voluntary organisations; Psychology and psychotherapy
Daisy Payling
Dr Daisy Payling
Research Fellow, Department of History
Hannah Froom
Hannah Froom
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Department of History
Postgraduate Research Student, Department of History
Xun Zhou
Dr Xun Zhou
Reader, Department of History
Research interests: History of Jewish People in Asia; Social History of Drugs; Material Culture. Visual Culture, and Everyday life in Modern China (1870-1950); Social History of Modern China; History of Public Health and Medicine in 20th century China; Food and Foodways; History of Diseases, Environmental History; Medicine and Religion in East Asia, 20th Century
Lisa Smith
Dr Lisa Smith
Lecturer, Department of History
Research interests: Britain and France, ca 1600-1800; Digital History; Medicine and Science; Supernatural; Body; Gender History
Catherine Crawford
Dr Catherine Crawford
Senior Lecturer, Department of History
Research interests: social and cultural history of medicine; criminal justice history; illness and culture; theories of evidence in law and medicine 17th-19th centuries