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The International Entrepreneurship Forum conference aims to explore Entrepreneurship and to engage scholars and students interested in generating ideas and debates on how entrepreneurship might play a greater role in global business and economic development.

2018 Conference

The 2018 IEF Conference will take place on 12 to 14 December 2018  at ICN Business School, Nancy, France and will explore The North-South dialectic of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Details of conference themes, calls for papers and how to book can be found on the event page.

The International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF)

Founded in 2000, the International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF) is part of the Venture Academy, Essex Business School, at the University of Essex.

The IEF is an informal network of academics, policy makers and practitioners, who are brought together to discuss and interact with each other on issues related to entrepreneurship research, education and training.

During the past 17 years IEF has organised highly successful, refereed international conferences in different countries of Europe, Asia and the Middle East covering various aspects of entrepreneurship, innovation and economic development. One of the most satisfying outcomes of all the events has been the identification of new interest, scholarship and insight into entrepreneurial activity, across different countries, demonstrating the value of learning in an international arena of thought and practice. This outcome informs the themes and topics chosen for each conference.

The IEF continues to work closely with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), and its Local Employment and Economic Development (LEED) Programme.

Past Conferences

16th IEF Conference - Sustainable Entrepreneurship and Economic Development

15th IEF Conference - The Globalisation and Internationalisation of SMEs and New Ventures: Travels with Eclectic Charlie, Digital Mary, Networked Nadia and Impactful Shona.

14th IEF Conference - Entrepreneurial Institutions and the Entrepreneurial Society: Creating an Inclusive Agenda for Opportunity Creation

13th IEF Conference - Entrepreneurship and Development: The Idea of Inclusive Opportunity Creation

12th IEF Conference - Social Sustainability and Economic Security: The Agenda for Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century

11th IEF Conference - Entrepreneurship and Sustainability: From Lifestyles to Innovative Enterprises in Creative and Sustainable Environments

10th IEF Conference - Creating Social, Economic, Cultural and Personal Value

9th IEF Conference - Technology and Entrepreneurship: New Ventures and the Creative Use of Technologies

8th IEF Conference - Creativity and Entrepreneurship: Imperatives for sustainable Global based Knowledge Economy

7th IEF Conference - Asian Entrepreneurship: New Asian Ventures in the Global Community of Enterprise and Innovation

6th IEF Conference - New Venture Creation and the Creative Trajectory: Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity in Business

5th IEF Conference - New venture creation and entrepreneurial growth across borders: Integrating diversity of ideas, people and institutions

4th IEF Conference 

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