Welcome to Management and Marketing

Students note taking in a lecture theatre

If you have applied to study a management or marketing degree at the University of Essex then get ready to learn how to be responsible. Our students go on to champion sustainability and change organisations for the better.

Find out below what makes our management and marketing degrees unique and what our current students have to say about their courses.

Welcome to Management and Marketing at Essex

Our courses prepare you to be ready for the world of work. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur or you want to climb the career ladder in a business or corporate setting, our management and marketing degrees are designed to inspire you to be analytical, innovative and creative.

You will learn practical skills for managing a team or a project and you will learn how to develop your own marketing plan to take a product to market with success.


What our students say

"It’s an absolute honour to be part of Essex Business School. It’s been amazing, it gives you so many opportunities for so many great things. Everything is open to everybody. It’s been incredible"
Stanimira Dimitrova BSc Business Management (Including Placement Year)