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How to apply through Clearing

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Apply now through Clearing, here's how...

Clearing is now open, you can submit an application as soon as you have all your results. The busiest period for Clearing is around A-level results day - 13 August this year. Prior to A-level results day you can apply via our web form. Then from 8am on A-level results day you can apply via our web form, or on our Clearing hotline.

Whenever you apply and whether you choose to call us or do it online, remember that this is a chance to shape your future – exciting times!

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Why choose Essex in Clearing?

As a first year student, you're guaranteed on-campus accommodation
You can study abroad for a year of your course, fee free!
We're Gold rated for teaching excellence (TEF 2017)
You'll join a truly international community of students from over 130 countries
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What's the Clearing phone call like? 

Different universities handle their Clearing calls differently. At Essex we like to approach Clearing in a faff-free way.

  • We'd normally take calls from our Colchester campus but this year we'll be answering calls from home, so please excuse if you hear any pets in the background! Staff keep the hotline manned so you can rest assured you’re in good hands.
  • First, we’ll check to see whether the course you’re interested in still has spaces available. Assuming it does, we’ll take some basic details such as your name, home address and email address. You’ll get a decision on your application via email so make sure you give us the email address you check most frequently.
  • Then we’ll take your qualifications (A-levels and GCSEs or equivalents). You can take this opportunity to tell us about any other qualifications or work experience you think may be relevant to your application.
  • We’ll probably pop you on hold at this point to check we’ve got everything filled in correctly.
  • We’ll then give you a unique reference number and send your application on to our admissions team.
  • Our admissions team will then look through your application to decipher whether we can offer you a place. You will hear from us via email with further details on your application - whether you require an interview, and crucially whether we can make you an offer!
  • And that’s it! All the next step details will be in the email confirming your offer.
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Could you be eligible for a scholarship in Clearing?

Find out if you could benefit from a scholarship by joining Essex this year.

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How do I accept an offer?

Fingers crossed we can offer you a place – wahoo! If you have applied through UCAS, you’ll need to log in to your UCAS Track and add Essex as your Clearing choice. This is how:

  1. Log into UCAS Track.
  2. Find the ‘add Clearing choice’ button.
  3. Enter Essex’s institution code – E70
  4. Enter the four character course code shown in your confirmation email from us.
  5. Celebrate your newfound future at Essex with your favourite dinner!

You can only add one Clearing choice at a time though, so don’t add us until we’ve emailed you confirming that we can make you a Clearing offer.

And if you’re not already in UCAS, no problem! We’ll let you know in your confirmation email what to do next and how to accept your offer.