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The Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub is proud to host members with a diverse and multidisciplinary approach to current issues in armed conflict and crises.

From humanitarian law, social work, human rights, political science, refugee protection, media studies, history, international criminal law and more, the research and publications of our members provide both breadth and depth of knowledge, insight and inquiry to issues affecting the humanitarian sector today.

To see the research and projects our members are involved in, explore our repository or check out our projects below.

Essex Armed Conflict Hub panel of speakers)
Essex Armed Conflict Hub panel of speakers
"Essex, importantly, grounds its research and projects in the realities of armed conflict. I am very pleased to collaborate with members of the Essex Armed Conflict and Crisis Hub on work that focuses on practical and credible solutions to today’s complex challenges in armed conflict."
Major General (Retd) Blaise Cathcart
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