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Digital History Centre

Part of Department of History

Student in Square 4 circa 1972

About us

The Digital History Centre provides both a physical and intellectual home for some leading experts in the field of digital humanities.

Our members are linked by their previous and ongoing contributions to the vanguard of the field of history, but also benefit from a wealth of cross disciplinary experience covering humanities, social sciences, computing and public engagement.

Our aims

  • To promote the use of digital sources, tools and methodologies in history and more broadly.
  • To provide the technical assistance and practical skills required within the Department of History and our partner institutions.
  • To create systems, databases and projects which give students the opportunity to hone their digital skills.
  • To provide the opportunity for students to gain digital literacy skills and to apply them to their research.
  • To maintain and grow our wealth of digital sources with a view to increasing public participation in historical debate.