Our work promotes a local and global commons society

The Centre for Commons Organising Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) is creating new formal and informal educational opportunities. our work seeks to create resources for understanding and promoting sustainable commons value creation and values.

Our activity includes events, press, education and impact projects, to spread post-capitalist principles for transforming economic management. We aim to efficiently meet individual and community needs, foster more effective public policies and expand 20th century human rights.

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The Centre for Commons Organising, Values, Equalities and Resilience regularly hosts events and seminars to promote research and provide a forum for academic discussion.

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  • Professor Peter Bloom explores with guests the most innovative radical social experiments happening around the world in his podcast: Another World is Podable


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The Grammar of Economic Space: Collaborative Finance and the Protocols for Post-Capitalist Economic Expression
Dis/agreement in participatory organizations. Digital Commons After the Internet
Technology, Ecology and Anti-Humanism
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Centre for Commons Organising Values Equalities and Resilience (COVER) Co-Directors:
Peter Bloom, Phoebe Moore, and Stevphen Shukaitis
Essex Business School University of Essex, Wivenhoe Park, Colchester, Essex