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University of Essex Careers Fair 2022

This year we are trying something new! 

We will be running two weeks of careers activity from 24 October to 4 November 2022 which will incorporate a number of targeted in person fairs and a combination of online and in person workshops and insight events. The full details are yet to be finalised but if you would like to receive the details once published please complete this short questionnaire about your recruitment aims for the coming year - this will help us to plan which of the activities might be most beneficial to you.

To arrange a quick video call  about the other ways in which we can support your recruitment aims this coming year please email us via

About the University of Essex

  • 15,317 students on Essex programmes at our three campuses and our partner institutions.
  • 10,701 undergraduates at our three campuses.
  • 2,493 postgraduates at our three campuses.

A diverse community of students and strong commitment to inclusivity and social mobility

Our students come to Essex from a range of backgrounds, including 30% from areas that typically send very few students into Higher Education. 45% of our U/G students and 54% of our PG students are from a BAME background. Around 37% of our students come from households with incomes of less than £25,000, around a third have told us they are first in their family to go to University and around a third are known to be state school educated. Having taken this bold step, 77% of our graduates gain good degrees at Essex.

Studying at Essex is not just about getting a degree, it is also about getting an education. Our students have come a long way just to get here, and whilst here we encourage them to make a difference to the lives of others, grasp opportunities that will help further their careers, and find creative ways to enrich their university experience. We instil in them the Essex Spirit, a proud tradition of encouraging students to challenge convention and think differently and the belief that where you come from should NOT limit how far you can go.

Join us and find out for yourself what Essex is all about!

The Essex Graduate

At Essex we are:


Championing social mobility

At Essex we believe that where you’ve come from shouldn’t restrict where you can go. With high numbers of Essex students coming from low socio-economic backgrounds, we are serious about diversity and social mobility because we know how far they’ve already risen to get here.

With innovative programmes like Rising Stars, backed by PwC, Civil Service Fast Stream and other top recruiters, we are working to remove barriers of entry and to prepare the brightest and the best of our students to become the kind of candidates you need, regardless of background, and giving them the chance to shine.

Uniquely international

Essex is a genuine global community. With more than 140 countries represented within our student body, and nearly 40% of our students from overseas, we are one of the most internationally-diverse universities in the UK. We are also ranked in the world's top 20 universities for international outlook by Times Higher Education.

Essex students are globally aware and prepared for the future. They can bring diversity, an enhanced cultural awareness and a truly international outlook to your business.

Developing your future workforce

We’ve been busy investing in our students – recognising what they have already achieved and nurturing their drive, ambition and talents to help them continue on to where they deserve to be. We’ve built placement years and career development learning into our degree programmes, working closely with employers and alumni to enrich students’ learning, broaden their career perspectives, and instil professionalism.

We are working to ensure students are ready to enter the graduate job market as confident and resilient practitioners who bring valuable skills and fresh thinking to the workplace. Essex students graduate with a sound awareness of the skills that employers are looking for and the ability to develop, articulate and demonstrate them. They’re ready to enter your workplace.

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