We are always looking to collaborate with departments and help link sustainability to teaching in a practical way.  A great example is this year’s Sustainable Essex Awards which were organised by students from Edge Hotel School. The students:

  • picked a location
  • designed the invitations
  • selected the food
  • made sure we had the best layout for the room
  • organised all the giveaways and prizes

Dimitri Lera is an Academic Lecturer at Edge Hotel School. He has been working hard to ensure that sustainability is embedded into our hospitality and events courses. He said:

‘The partnership with the Sustainability team here at Essex provided an excellent learning experience for our students. The module in ‘Sustainability in Hospitality and Events’ encourages authentic experiential learning in its project assessment, and it was thanks for the Sustainability team that events students could make a greater impact by being involved with the planning and delivery of the Sustainable Essex Award. This has kickstarted plans for future collaborations between the Sustainability team and Edge Hotel School.’

Olga Binkowska, who has just completed her second year at Essex, is one of the students who helped organise the event.

Olga said: ‘Being able to help with planning and organising the Sustainable Essex Awards was an amazing experience. It not only made me realise how important sustainable practices are in the events industry, but it also helped me further develop some important skills such as teamwork, time management and interpersonal skills. I also gained an in-depth knowledge about sustainability and its importance, which will help me in my daily life and future professional career. The experience was extremely valuable, and I cannot stress how incredible it was to be a part of the Sustainable Essex Awards, spread awareness, and encourage our community to do something good.’

The Sustainable Essex Awards were a huge success, and we would love to work with more teams and departments to link sustainability to teaching in a practical way.  If you would like to incorporate sustainability within your department, please let us know.