Christmas is a wonderful time of year, however it can also be an incredibly wasteful time of year too from food to wrapping paper.  

These are some easy ways to reduce your waste:

  • When selecting your Christmas paper opt for non foil based paper. Foil lined paper cannot be recycled so has to be disposed of in the general waste bin. You can check out if you can recycle paper by doing the scrunch test! Even better wrap your presents in brown paper and decorate with rope  
  • Plan your Christmas food and buy what you need, think about what you can make with your leftovers and remember to freeze whatever you don’t need to use for another day 
  • Avoid buying paper and card with glitter on it as it cannot be recycled  
  • You could make your own Christmas cards and tags  
  • Shop local and support local businesses  
  • Switch to LED Christmas lights 
  • Avoid disposable cutlery
  • Create a homemade wreath 
  • Think about your outfit and resist the temptation to wear sequins 
  • Eat less meat over the Christmas period – here our some great vegetarian Christmas recipes

The Love Food Hate Waste website has some great recipes in which you can use over Christmas.

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