About the Essex Transitional Justice Network

The Essex Transitional Justice Network brings together people from the University of Essex and collaborators from the UK and abroad. We are exploring issues faced by societies that are undergoing fundamental socio-political change, notably the transition from a repressive to a democratic or constitutional regime, or from a state of civil war and unrest to peace and prosperity. Read more

Third ETJN Summer School 6 - 7 July 2015

Economic and Social Dimensions of Transitional Justice

The third Transitional Justice Summer School will be taking place at the University of Essex in July 2015, as part of the Essex Human Rights Summer School, and will cover the economic and social dimensions of transitional justice.

The Summer School will run for 2 days, with teaching provided by experts in the field of economic and social transitional justice processes, and corporate accountability.

We are delighted to announce that we have limited scholarship funding available to support the Summer School, for further details and an application form please email hrcsumsc@essex.ac.uk..

Further details about the event can be found here

Book Launch

"Sifuna Okwethu: We Want What’s Ours"

On Thursday 7th May, the ETJN and the HRC hosted Prof. Bernadette Atuahene from IIT Chicago-Kent College (US), for a launch of her book 'We want what's ours" (Oxford University Press 2014). Prof. Atuahene explained the most important findings of her research with particular reference to the concept of 'Dignity restoration' and cross-cutting ideas to asses the process of land restitution in South Africa post-Apartheid.

ETJN Annual Lecture 2015 - Paul Seils

The Essex Transitional Justice Network held its fifth annual lecture on Wednesday 29 April 2015 at the University of Essex, and we were very happy to have Paul Seils as our guest for this occasion. Paul is the Vice-President of the International Centre for Transitional Justice, and will be delivering a lecture entitled "Current Challenges of Transitional Justice".

A video of the lecture will be available on our website soon.

British Council Workshop - Bogota

"Dealing with Land Destitution and Structural Inequalities in Transitions"

Between 25 and 28 Frebruary in Bogota (Colombia), ETJT, Javeriana University and Dejusticia, sponsored by British Council and Newton Fund, hosted the Workshop "Dealing with Land Destitution and Structural Inequalities in Transitions". 40 participants who are working in this issue in Colombia and the UK took part in the event where their questions to research were discussed and new problems to focus on were analysed. At the end, conclusions regarding the necessity to keep strengthening ties between researchers, and exploring new issues in the field of TJ and lands were raised.

'Transitional Justice in Latin America'

Seminar 18 February 2015

On February 18th 2015, the ETJN carried out the its first event of the year "Transitional Justice in Latin America" where Professor Sabine Michalowski presented the definition and core elements of Transitional Justice. Then six experiences of countries in Latin America were exhibited highlighting the causes, measures a challenges that each TJ process has faced. Brazil, Chile and Argentina as transitions from dictatorship to Democracy opened the Conference. Colombia, Peru and Guatemala as transitions from Armed Conflict to Peace closed the event which counted with the special participation of Professor Clara Sandoval who talked about Interamerican System on Human Rights in Latin America.

ETJN Newsletter 2014

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The Essex Transitional Justice Network is pleased to attach the first issue of our newsletter, informing our members and the wider community of our activities on transitional justice within the University of Essex and beyond, and providing a forum for discussion of transitional justice.

We trust that you will enjoy reading it. Any queries or suggestions are welcome and can be emailed to tjn@essex.ac.uk.

'Corporate Accountability in the Context of Transitional Justice'

New book published, edited by ETJN chair of the Economic and Social Dimensions Professor Sabine Michalowski

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Corporate Accountability in the Context of Transitional Justice, a book edited by the ETJN chair of the Economic and Social Dimensions of Transitional Justice, Professor Sabine Michalowski.

The book contains significant contributions from members of the Essex Transitional Justice Network, including Director Dr Clara Sandoval, Dr Youseph Farah, Tara Van Ho, Sylvain Aubrey and close partner of the Network Camilo Sanchez.

Please find more information about the book here, including details of where it can be purchased.

Briefing papers

The Reparations Unit of the ETJN has released six briefing papers on reparations to support the work of the International Criminal Court. The papers are the result of on-going collaboration and support given by the ETJN to the Court.

Briefing papers: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ]


    ETJN Fifth Annual Lecture

    "Current Challenges of Transitional Justice"

    Paul Seils

    Wednesday 29th April 2-4pm LTB3

    ETJN and HRC Book Discussion and Film Screening

    “Sifuna Okwethu: We Want What’s Ours”

    Thursday 7 May 5-7pm 6S.5.25 HRC Seminar Room

    ETJN Third Annual Summer School

    Economic and Social Dimensions of Transitional Justice

    6 and 7 July, University of Essex

  • NEWS

    ETJN 2014 Newsletter

    Seminar on Transitional Justice in Argentina attracts media attention

    From 6th to the 8th of November, Professor Sabine Michalowski, director of the Essex Transitional Justice Network and Professor Sheldon Leader, director of the Essex Business and Human Rights Project, spoke at a seminar on ‘Accountability for Corporate Human Rights Violations in Dictatorships and Civil Conflicts: The Argentine Model in Comparative Perspective", held by the Latin American Centre of the University of Oxford held on "future directions in corporate accountability". The seminar attracted media attention in Argentina where Pagina 2 reported on 16 November that:

    "Sheldon Leader and Sabine Michalowski of the Essex Business and Human Rights Project and the Essex Transitional Justice Network laid out the need to link the areas of Transitional Justice and corporate accountability. Michalowski presented an amicus curiae brief in a case of complicity of banks with the Argentine dictatorship. Leader stressed the responsibility of parent companies for acts of their subsidiaries and objected to the doctrine of separate corporate personality."