Causal Models and Structural Equations with MPLUS 7

Prof. Peter Schmidt, University of Giessen
21 July - 1 August (two week course / 35 hrs)

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Peter Schmidt is Professor emeritus at the University of Giessen. His research interests are the foundations and applications of structural equations models, methods for cross-cultural analysis, analysis of panel data, and empirically testing wide versions of rational choice theory. Applications include studies of national identity, inter-ethnic relations, values and environmental behaviour. He has published several books and many papers on these topics in the European Sociological Review, Social Science Research, International Journal of Cross-Cultural Sociology, Journal for Cross-Cultural Psychology, International Journal of Conflict and Violence Research, Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Applied Social Psychology, Journal of Social Issues, Methodology, Political Psychology ,Psychological Methods, Public Opinion Quarterly, International Journal of Public Opinion Research, Quality and Quantity, Rationality and Society, Sociological Methods and Research, and Environment and Behaviour.

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