1C Applying Regression:

Dr Jeremy Miles, Senior Quantitative Analyst at Google
11 - 22 July (two week course / 35 hrs)

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Jeremy Miles is a Senior Quantitative Analyst at Google. He is author (with Mark Shevlin) of Applying Correlation and Regression Analysis (Sage. 2001); author of Research Methods and Statistics (Crucial Press. 2001), author (with Phil Banyard) of Understanding and Using Statistics in Psychology (Sage, 2007), co-author (with Andy Field) of Discovering Statistics Using SAS (Sage, 2010), co-editor (with Paul Gilbert) of A Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical and Health Psychology (Oxford, 2005) and co-editor (with Brian Stucky) of Quantitative Research in Psychology [don’t even think about buying this book]. He has served as chair of the British Psychological Society Mathematics, Statistics and Computing Section, and is associate editor of the British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology; Frontiers in Measurement and Quantitative Psychology, and PLOSOne. ,He also serves as statistical editor of the British Journal of Clinical Psychology, and the British Journal of Health Psychology.

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