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Health and wellbeing

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Lecturer and student

Our team of advisers are based within Student Support to provide information, advice and guidance. You don't need an appointment, you can just contact us by dropping in during opening times or by email or telephone.

Our Student Support team provide advice, information and support on a range of health and wellbeing issues.

Your health

We can provide you with support and advice to help you to stay healthy physically, mentally and emotionally. Please make sure you register with a doctor while studying with us. The NHS also provides lots of other services to support you.

Your wellbeing

We provide support if you are experiencing emotional or mental health difficulties.

You may have been diagnosed with a mental health condition, or you may be feeling low, stressed, depressed, anxious, angry, or feeling that life isn't worth living. You might be worrying about a specific issue, like exams or friendships, or you might be feeling down about a number of things.

Whatever your concerns are, no matter how long you've had them or whether or not you know the cause, come along and discuss your situation with us. It might feel difficult to contact Student Support because you might think your problem is too big or too small; you may feel embarrassed, ashamed or be afraid that people may judge you. We understand you may feel anxious, but we are not here to judge you and what you say will be treated with respect and held in confidence.

How to access the service

To speak to someone about your concerns you don't need an appointment - you can drop-in to Student Support anytime during our opening hours or contact us

In the evenings or weekends you can talk to Nightline, if you live in the residences contact the Residence Life or other specialist external services.

Mental health

Students in a lecture hall

Sometimes life at university can be difficult. You may feel homesick, worried about money or pressures of study, or that you are 'not fitting in'. These feelings are common but can develop into mental health problems. If you feel like this we can help you.


Students in a lecture hall

University regulations require you to register with a local doctor for the duration of your studies if you live on campus or in the local surrounding area. Don’t wait until you become ill to register with a doctor, find out more information healthcare.

Groups and workshops

Three students talking

Our groups and workshops are designed to support you through the demands of academic life. Our students often say they find it beneficial to be part of a group where other people are experiencing similar difficulties.

Faith and worship

Multi-Faith chaplaincy centre logo

The Multi-Faith Chaplaincy is open for use by all members of the University who wish to pray, meditate or spend some time in quiet reflection.