Code of Professional Standards for Administrative Staff

The University of Essex has adopted the Code of Professional Standards[1] for administrative staff developed by the Association of University Administrators (AUA).

Eligible staff are also encouraged to become members of AUA, which is committed to raising the profile of the profession and to developing best practice and the highest standards of professionalism in higher education management and administration.

In accordance with the Code, all University of Essex administrative staff are expected to:

  • provide high quality professional services;
  • develop an appreciation of the academic culture, of the traditions and values of the organisations and institutions through which it is sustained, and of the roles of colleagues at all levels and in all branches of higher education;
  • be sensitive to the multiplicity of clients served by the higher education administrator and to the need to balance conflicting demands;
  • act with integrity, honesty, fairness, professional impartiality and diligence and without discrimination;
  • observe due care, objectivity and respect for confidentiality;
  • be explicit and straightforward in their dealings with colleagues and clients;
  • ensure that personal interest does not override the needs of clients;
  • accept responsibility for their actions;
  • challenge existing practices and ideas when necessary;
  • be committed to their own personal and professional development by seeking new knowledge and skills to enhance professional performance;
  • foster the development of others by sharing expertise and good practice and by encouraging employers to support professional development.

Registrar and Secretary


[1] Copyright © 2000 The Association of University Administrators. The University of Essex AUA Branch Coordinator is Rachel Leighton-Jones, Academic Section.