There are a wide range of projects underway at the University. These projects will help the University achieve its strategic priorities of excellence in education and excellence in research, and support the implementation of the University’s Strategic Plan, 2013-14 to 2018-19. Many of these projects are specifically aimed at improving services to students, applicants and/or staff.

These pages include information on the University’s policies and guidelines on project management, and information on current and recently completed projects.

Revenue projects

These are projects that are funded from the annual revenue budgets of the University. Revenue projects are managed within the University’s Project Management Framework, and there is a flowchart that summarises the Framework (PDF document, restricted access). The Project Management Framework sets out how revenue projects are proposed, approved, managed and closed.
The University’s Project Co-ordination Group is responsible for overseeing the development and implementation of the Project Management Framework.

Capital projects

These are projects that are funded from the University’s capital resources. Such projects are included in the University’s Capital Investment Programme. The processes for the proposal, approval, management and closure of capital projects are currently being reviewed. Once this review is completed the relevant guidance will be published on these webpages.

The University’s Capital Planning Group is responsible for making recommendations to USG and Council on the development of the Capital Investment Programme.

Useful links

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