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Key Terms iii

The following terms are often used in the context of plagiarism and authorship:

  • In-text citation

A reference that appears in the actual text, e.g. (Cooper 1999), that helps to identify a quotation or piece of paraphrasing.

  • Plagiarism

Using or copying the work of others (whether written, printed or in any other form) without proper acknowledgement in any coursework.

  • Reference list

A list of referenced sources of work that have been cited in the present work. Sometimes called a 'bibliography', although a bibliography can just be a list of relevant books, not specifically a 'reference list'.

All definitions, except those for plagiarism and in-text citation, have been taken from the handout from a Learning and Teaching Series session, Plagiarism in Higher Education: an Integrated Approach, Jenny Moon, University of Bournemouth (2007).