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Key Terms ii

The following terms are often used in the context of plagiarism and authorship:

  • Citation

The process of acknowledging or attributing an idea/quotation to another by providing information about the source of the other work.

  • Collaboration or cooperation

Openly working with another/others for mutual benefit with no deception of others.

  • Collusion

The passing off of another's work as one's own for one's own benefit and in order to deceive another. While in the usual definition of plagiarism, the owner of the work does not knowingly allow the use of their work, in a case of collusion, the owner of the work knows of its use and works with the other towards deception of a third party. Collusion is a form of plagiarism.


All definitions, except those for plagiarism and in-text citation, have been taken from the handout from a Learning and Teaching Series session, Plagiarism in Higher Education: an Integrated Approach, Jenny Moon, University of Bournemouth (2007).