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How it will be detected

There are a number of ways by which plagiarism will be detected.

  1. Remember that your tutors are very experienced and have read widely on the topic you are studying. They will certainly know if you have simply copied sections from texts on the recommended course reading list, or if you have copied directly from their lecture notes or handouts.
  2. Remember that everybody has their own style of writing. It is very easy for your tutor to spot changes in style, which inevitably occur when you copy somebody else's work. Even if you try to disguise this by changing the odd word or phrase, it will still be obvious to your tutor.
  3. Remember that your tutor will be marking the coursework for classes and/or year groups. They will be able to recognise similarities between submitted work. They will also be able to tell if you have copied another student's work.
  4. Remember that your tutor is also aware of the many cheat-sites which now offer to sell you essays. It is very likely that your tutors will have searched these sites for essays which might be available on your particular topic. If you do decide to risk failing your assignment by copying an essay from a cheat-site, you should also remember that other students in your group may very well have bought the same essay.
  5. Many tutors at Essex now use technology to uncover plagiarism and there are many different ways by which they can do this.

The University subscribes to Turnitin, the JISC Plagiarism Detection Service. This Plagiarism Detection Service is UK-based and is accessed via a web browser. It enables staff to conduct electronic comparisons of students’ work against a range of electronic sources. These sources include a database of previously submitted material (student essays and assignments), over 12,000,000,000 websites, and essays from cheat-sites. Running alongside this detection service, is the JISC Advisory Service, which contains a range of guidance, advice and information for staff and students on how to avoid plagiarism. You will find this information helpful, so please try to make use of the service.