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There are a number of websites that sell essays. Some of the essays have been written by students, others claim that the essays have been written by experts. These websites are relatively easy to find, and vary enormously in both style and cost. You are strongly advised not to purchase or copy essays from these websites, as you will risk failing your assignment, receiving a mark of zero for the module, or even being required to withdraw.

Why would you download an essay from the web?

When you are preparing to write an essay or any other type of coursework, it might seem like a good idea to buy a complete essay on the topic. It might seem like another way you can research your topic.

For example:

  • It would be helpful to read how somebody else has structured their essay on a particular topic .
  • It would be helpful to compare your references and bibliographies with this essay.
  • You might fully intend to reference the source in your own essay.

But you should not rely on essay websites to provide this information. If you would like any advice on appropriate source material you should speak to your tutor, who will be able to direct you to relevant material. Please remember that if you are having any difficulties with your assignment you should always contact your department for further support.