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LT919-7-AU-CO: Interpretation Of Myth

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Year: 2017/18
Department: Literature, Film, and Theatre Studies
Essex credit: 20
ECTS credit: 10
Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students: Yes
Full Year Module Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students for a Single Term: No
Outside Option: No

Supervisor: Dr Leon Burnett
Teaching Staff: Dr Anita Klujber and Imen Cozzo Avari
Contact details: Jane Thorp ( or ext 2624)

Module is taught during the following terms
Autumn Spring Summer

Module Description

The module introduces students to a diversity of critical and theoretical approaches to myth. Through an extended examination of prominent myths from the Mediterranean region and how they have been interpreted, it questions the understanding of myth as a narrative form that carries special significance for the society to which it belongs.

The module is divided into two parts: critical interpretations and theoretical perspectives. The first part takes five exemplary readings of different mythological figures which have exercised the Western imagination for over two millennia and it considers how the stories have retained their vitality as a consequence of re-interpretation, and thus transformation, across the centuries. The second part identifies four distinct approaches to myth, which underpin the modern, that is to say, the twentieth-century conception of myth as a symbolic construct that has the power to act on the mind with an immediacy that challenges rational and scientific modes of thought.

Learning and Teaching Methods

Weekly 2-hour seminar


100 per cent Coursework Mark


One 5000-word essay


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