Module Details

HS858-7-SP-CO: Research In Health Care

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Year: 2017/18
Department: Health and Human Sciences
Essex credit: 15
ECTS credit: 7.5
Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students: No
Full Year Module Available to Study Abroad / Exchange Students for a Single Term: No
Outside Option: No

Teaching Staff: Prof Gill Green, Dr Peter Martin, Martin Harrison, Dr Wayne Wilson, Dr Leanne Andrews, Dr Peter Martin
Contact details: Rebecca Hindle, post-graduate administrator; Tel: 01206 874488 Contact Address :

Module is taught during the following terms
Autumn Spring Summer

Module Description

This module enables students to build upon their existing knowledge of research. It prepares students to pursue an area of interest within a relevant area of practice and translate this into a research question in their second year of study. Students undertaking this module come with a varying knowledge of research reflecting their range of first degrees. The essence of the strategy is to use the first year of the M.Sc. research study course to bring them all up to an appropriate level, prior to their starting the Research Proposal in the second year.
A pre-module study guide is provided via "Moodle" with self-assessment, on-line learning and tutorial support to prepare students to undertake this module. This is consistent with the approach adopted throughout the five programmes of study in relation to other core areas of knowledge and understanding.
As this is an M.Sc course, students will be expected to organise and undertake their own learning schedule and activities, based around the taught programme. The research tutors are there to guide them in their studies, not to teach them research methods, per se.

Indicative Content

-Teaching & learning support for the Module
-Literature searching
-Research and Practice in the NHS
-Hierarchy of Research
-Quantitative, Qualitative & Mixed Methods Theory & Methodologies
-Quantitative & Qualitative Techniques
-Meta- Analysis and Systematic Reviews
-Introduction to Critical Appraisal
-Critical Appraisal of selected literature

Learning and Teaching Methods

-On-line learning
-Group tutorials (including Problem-Based Learning)
-Individual tutorials, by appointment only
-Formative feedback on your own Research Workbook (Part 1 only, January 2012)
-Moodle support


100 per cent Coursework Mark

Other details

On-line multiple-choice questionnaire which must be completed successfully before submission of the summative workbook. Course Work: Single summative assessment by 3000 word workbook (100%) Exam Period and Duration: N/A

Other information

This is an inter-professional module involving 5 disciplines:

Adult Nursing
Mental Health Nursing
Occupational Therapy
Speech & Language Therapy


  • Core texts:
  • Polgar S Thomas S 5th Ed. (2008) Introduction to research in the health sciences London: Elsevier
  • Denscombe M (2007) The good research guide (2nd ed.) Buckingham: Open University Press (v.good for qualitative; complements 'Polgar & Thomas')
  • Key texts
  • Aveyard H (2007) Doing a literature review in health and social care Maidenhead: Open University Press
  • McQueen RA Knussen C (2006) Introduction to research methods and statistics in psychology Edinburgh : Pearson/Prentice Hall.
  • Moule P & Hek (2011) Making sense of research (4th Ed.) London: Sage
  • - also available as: Hek G & Moule P (2001 et seq.) Making sense of Research: an introduction for health and social care practitioners (other Ed.) London: Sage - (these previous editions are also OK for critical appraisal)
  • Sim J Wright C (2000) Research in healthcare: concepts, designs and methods Cheltenham : Stanley Thornes
  • Additional reading
  • Bowling A Ebrahim S (2005) Handbook of health research methods Maidenhead: Open University Press
  • Denzin N Lincoln Y (eds) (2005) The SAGE handbook of qualitative research : Thousand Oaks,CA : Sage
  • Fox M Martin P,Green G (2007) Doing Practitioner Research London: Sage
  • Pope C Mays N Popay J (2007) Synthesizing qualitative and quantitative health research: a guide to methods Maidenhead: Open University Press
  • Porter S (2008) First steps in research; a pocketbook for healthcare students Edinburgh: Churchill Livingstone (a good little text -but costs 25 pounds)
  • Robson C (2002) Real world research Oxford: Blackwell
  • Silverman D (ed) (2004) Qualitative research: theory, method and practice London: Sage
  • Other reading:
  • There are many other research texts available in the library. You will also find many articles written about particular aspects of research and some journals are dedicated to such writing - for example Nurse Researcher.
  • Useful websites:
  • This is a Canadian ethics websites and useful links include: Biotechnology and Health Care Ethics ;
  • The Cochrane Library is an electronic publication designed to supply high quality evidence to inform people providing and receiving care, and those responsible for research, teaching, funding and administration at all levels.
  • Clinical Evidence is freely available to NHS staff, patients and the public in England through the National Library for Health. It provides a regularly updated guide to evidence about the effectiveness of care.
  • UK central office for Research Ethics Committees
  • Department of Health's section on research and development
  • London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine , international programme for ethics, public health and human rights
  • World Medical Association - Declaration of Helsinki
  • Critical appraisal skills programme and evidence based practice.

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