Seminars for 2016/17

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Dr Abdel SalhiDepartment of Mathematical Sciences, University of EssexA Plant Propagation Algorithm for Search and Optimisation: The Strawberry Plant Approach 09/12/201014:00Autumn Term 2010/11
Dr Andrew MorozovDepartment of Mathematics, University of Leicester Revealing stabilizing role of density-dependant migrations in population models and in real ecosystems02/12/201014:00Autumn Term 2010/11
Nikolai BodeDepartment of Biology and Mathematics, University of YorkRecent results on the collective motion of fish, birds and insects - modelling speed distributions and their importance25/11/201014:00Autumn Term 2010/11
Prof Simon LucasSchool of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of EssexLearning to play games efficiently18/11/201014:00Autumn Term 2010/11
Dr Alexei VernitskiDepartment of Mathematical Sciences, University of EssexGraphs to semigroups11/11/201014:00Autumn Term 2010/11

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