Seminars for 2016/17

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Nicholas R. MoloneyLondon Mathematical LaboratoryPercolation on trees as a Brownian excursion: from Gaussian to Kolmogorov-Smirnov to Exponential statistics24/11/201614:00Autumn Term 2016/17
Richard SkeggsUniversity of EssexThe Business & Local Government Data Research Centre03/11/201614:00 
Matthias PareyUniversity of EssexMeasurement error in nonparametric demand estimation27/10/201614:00Autumn Term 2016/17
Bobby Eka Gunara Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia)Static Spacetimes in 4D Gravity-Scalar System with Nonminimal Derivative Coupling13/10/201614:00 
Ke LiUniversity of BirminghamAchieving balance between convergence and diversity in evolutionary multi-objective optimization29/09/201614:00 
Alexei LisitsaUniversity of LiverpoolNovel applications of Automated Reasoning to Mathematics: From (un)knot detection to Erdos discrepancy problem 20/09/201614:00 
Boris MalomedTel Aviv UniversitySpontaneous symmetry breaking in nonlinear dual-core optical and bosonic waveguides16/09/201614:00 
Yong Kheng GohUniversiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Malaysia)Network Inference Using Mutual Information Rate01/09/201614:00 
David LloydUniversity of SurreyThe mathematics of localised crime hotspots28/04/201614:00Summer Term 2015/16
Daniele AvitabileUniversity of NottinghamLocalised structures in neural networks: from interface methods to multi-scale computations21/04/201614:00Summer Term 2015/16

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