Seminars for 2016/17

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Nikos KallinikosAristotle University of Thessaloniki (Greece)Lie point symmetry classification of three-dimensional autonomous Newtonian systems with velocity-dependent Lagrangians16/03/201714:00Spring Term 2016/17
Froilan Dopico Universidad Carlos III (Madrid, Spain)Alan Turing and the origins of modern Gaussian elimination09/03/201714:00Spring Term 2016/17
Dhisa MinervaOsaka University (Japan)Study of Angiogenesis: Formation and Maturation of New Blood Vessels, using Mathematical Hybrid Modeling and Simulation23/02/201714:00Spring Term 2016/17
Andrey MorozovUniversity of LeicesterNovel approaches to stabilisation of predator-prey models using integro-differential framework09/02/201714:00Spring Term 2016/17
Francesca Arrigo University of Strathclyde Nonbacktracking Walk Centrality for Directed Networks02/02/201714:00 
Paul MatthewsUniversity of NottinghamPattern formation in non-local equations15/12/201614:00 
Yuji Nakatsukasa University of OxfordGlobal optimization via eigenvalues08/12/201614:00 
Ilan Fridman RojasUniversity of LeedsDeep Learning: A superficial overview25/11/201614:00 
Nicholas R. MoloneyLondon Mathematical LaboratoryPercolation on trees as a Brownian excursion: from Gaussian to Kolmogorov-Smirnov to Exponential statistics24/11/201614:00Autumn Term 2016/17
Edy Tri Baskoro Bandung Institute of Technology (Indonesia)Ramsey Number for Graphs22/11/201615:00 

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