Seminars for 2016/17

09 December 2010: A Plant Propagation Algorithm for Search and Optimisation: The Strawberry Plant Approach (Autumn Term 2010/11)

Dr Abdel Salhi from Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Essex

At 14:00 in 6.314.

Nature-inspired optimisation heuristics and algorithms are all the craze in recent years. From genetic selection to immune systems, from ants and bees to fireflies, examples of Nature-inspired approaches to problem solving seem to crop up very frequently.There is a good reason for that of course: Nature  has been solving “similar” problems to ours for millions of years. Moreover, it has become very good at it. Emulating it, therefore, is not a bad idea. In my talk I will present a new algorithm based on the way a particular plant, the strawberry plant, propagates. From my observations, there seems to be a pattern in which it propagates. The basic principles behind this pattern, when extracted, can be implemented to search for the optimum of a function. It’s early days. So, my results are very basic. Nevertheless, they are promising.

This event is open to the general public.

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