16 February 2012: Maths can be good for your health!

Dr Berthold Lausen, from the Department of Mathematical Sciences, is involved in collaborate research with colleagues of the proteomics centre lead by Dr Metodiev (Biological Sciences, University of Essex) and clinicians of School of Medicine, University of Erlangen, Germany, in developing and applying statistical methods to improve the diagnosis and the treatment of colorectal cancer and breast cancer.

Recent paper:
Greenwood, Ch., Metodieva, G., Al-Janabi, K., Lausen, B., Alldrige, L., Leng, L., Bucala, R., Fernandez, N., Metodiev, M. (2012), Stat1 and CD74 overexpression is co-dependent and linked to increased invasion and lymph node metastatis in triple-negative breast cancer, Journal of Proteomics, doi:10.1016/j.prot.2011.11.033) .

Moreover, he contributes to a better early diagnosis of glaucoma, which "... is the leading cause of preventable blindness in the UK."

Recent paper:
Horn, F.K., Lämmer, R., Mardin, C.Y., Jünemann, A.G., Michelson, G., Lausen, B., Adler, W. (2012), Combined evaluation of FDT perimetry and scanning laser ophthalmoscopy for Glaucoma detection using automated classification. Journal of Glaucoma 21(1):27-34 and Adler, W., Brenning, A., Potapov, S., Schmid, M., Lausen, B. (2011), Ensemble classification of paired data. Computational Statistics and Data Analysis 55, 1933–1941.

Analysing data of an Europe wide ehealth survey he was involved to conclude that "... the profiles of empowered eHealth citizens in Europe are situational and country dependent. The number of Europeans using the Internet to get health information to help them deal with a consultation is raising and having access to online health information seems to be associated with growing number of inquisitive and self-reliant patients. Doctors are increasingly likely to experience consultations with knowledgeable and empowered patients, who will challenge them in various ways."

Recent paper:
Santana, S., Lausen, B., Bujnowska-Fedak, M.-M., Chronaki, C., Prokosch, U., Wynn, R. (2011), Informed citizen and empowered citizen in health: results from an European survey. BMC Family Practice 12:20.

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