This project terminated in September 2011 and the website will no longer be updated.  However, the books resulting from the project will be published in an American Tropics series by Liverpool University Press.

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Aims and objectives

Case studies

Research questions

Colloquium 2008

Conference 2009

Symposia 2011

Sex and the Caribbean (Tuesday 3 May)

Cuba in the Nineteenth Century (Thursday 5 May)

Painting the Caribbean (Friday/Saturday 6/7 May)

The Project: Work in Progress









     (October 2006 to September 2011)

        Peter Hulme (phulme)
        Maria Cristina Fumagalli (mcfuma)
        Owen Robinson (orobin)
        Lesley Wylie (lwylie)
         Jak Peake (jrpeak)
          Leanne Haynes (lmhayn)

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