Employability and careers

You're hired! What’s your game plan? Maybe you’ve no idea what you’ll do once you graduate, or perhaps you’ve always known your dream job, but aren’t quite sure how to get it.

That’s where our Employability and Careers Centre come in. They’ll provide you with help and advice, and the chance to develop your employability through some fantastic and unique experiences and opportunities.

What our students say


Third year BSc Biological Sciences

Employability and Careers Centre

The Employability and Careers Centre (ECC) are always ready to help with any questions you’ve got about employment, not just whilst you’re a student, but even after you graduate. The staff are so helpful and friendly. They know exactly what you need to do to have the best chances of success.

Workshops and events

They provide workshops and events throughout the year on everything from CVs to talks about specific careers, and often bring in external speakers from big companies like TeachFirst, to speak to students and give them advice on applying.

Working with your department/school

Each academic department at the University has a liaison officer, who works closely with the ECC to make sure the services are accessible to students from every department and school. Our officer at the School of Biological Sciences organised special events for students in the department, such as an alumni networking evening.

Work on campus

There are loads of opportunities to find work on campus at the University – with the SU, in one of the shops or restaurants, for an academic or professional department… the list is endless. I’ve got a part-time job, working behind a bar at evenings and weekends, which means I can pay for fun stuff like nights out, while I study.

On top of that, I work as a Student Ambassador, where I help out at events like Open Days to the Children’s Graduation, as well as mentoring A-level students. I really enjoy being a Student Ambassador – I remember what it was like when I was applying to uni, and it’s great to be able to answer prospective students’ questions to help them with their decision.

What our students say

Zsolt Gergely

MSc International Business and Entrepreneurship

The Employability and Careers Centre can help you with anything from filling out an application form to preparing for an interview. They hold workshops throughout the year, to help you gain vital skills necessary for securing your dream job, and organise events where big names like IBM and Barclays come, and students can apply for different positions.

I’ve used the ECC a few times, and I can only say brilliant things about the staff. They’re always cheerful and more than happy to help.

Big Essex Award

One of the best things they offer is the Big Essex Award. It’s a great way to test yourself – you have to complete certain tasks, including extra-curricular work experience, writing a CV, and attending workshops. Once completed, it’ll get recorded on your degree transcript, and you’ll be invited to attend the annual Big Essex Celebration.

Student ambassadors

I work part-time as a student ambassador. As part of my job, I take people on campus tours, attend interviews, school visits, help out at Open Days, and lots of other things. I think it’ll prove to be beneficial to my future career, as it improves my communication skills, problem-solving skills, and I also learn how to act responsibly. I’m proud to represent Essex, as I think it’s a wonderful and exciting place, and I love being able to share that with other people.

When it comes to life after graduating, I’m confident. I know that Essex has prepared me with the necessary knowledge, skills and attitude for ‘real life’.


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Start your job search and career development now with the new Essex CareerHub resource. Log in using your regular Essex campus account details to access the jobs board and book on to our events.

Big Essex Award

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Join the 2,000+ students who have completed The Big Essex Award so far and get University recognition for all of your extra-curricular activities. We’ll help you identify your skills and sell your experience to employers.

frontrunners placements

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frontrunners is our original placement scheme that offers students paid work opportunities on campus. You'll get on-placement training and great experience to add to your CV.

Essex Interns

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Internships are an excellent way to earn money and develop a stand-out CV. Register with us for information on paid internship opportunities with local, national and even international employers.