Our academics

We are one of the leading research-intensive universities in the UK. We are ranked top five in the UK for social science research and top 20 in the UK for research excellence (REF 2014). Hear from our academics about the research projects they are carrying out on our academics Vimeo channel or watch our most popular videos below.

This video celebrates everything great that happened at our University in 2014-15 from research achievements to students' triumphs and teaching awards.

Matt Lodder explains how his interest in tattoos, body modification and the representation of the body came about. Matt is currently working on a history of tattooing in Britain and how the perceptions of tattoos have changed over time. He also explains how art history students should challenge themselves and 'make themselves uncomfortable' in order to uncover and learn more.

In this video Professor Ray Meddis talks about BioAid, a revolutionary new type of hearing aid that has been inspired by the way the human ear works. It puts the user in control, is available to anyone, anywhere without the need for a hearing test, and potentially holds the key to a future where tiny, phone-based hearing aids can be dispensed and adjusted remotely.

Professor Marco Francesconi, Head of our Department of Economics, tells us what makes Essex a special place to study. He describes the qualities a great economics student should have, and gives a brief overview of his research interests. Marco was recently elected as an Academician of the Academy of Social Sciences, in recognition for his contribution to research, not just in the field of economics, but to the social sciences in general.