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Research at the School of Law

Scott Sheeran is researching UN peacekeeping

Scott Sheeran is researching UN peacekeeping

The research culture in our School of Law is incredibly diverse. Our academics are working across around 90 areas of law.

Our academics are tackling many of the most important issues facing law makers and those working in the legal profession from human rights through to public law. Multidisciplinary research projects also see our academics working alongside experts in other disciplines to analyse key global issues.

Here is a sample of some of the main projects currently being undertaken in our School.

For more information about the research our staff are involved in see individual staff entries or our Research Interests page.

Judicial review under the microscope

Professor Maurice Sunkin is leading a major study in collaboration with the Public Law Project, a national charity concerned with access to public law, on the effect of judicial review. This research touches on various issues including whether judicial review gives judges too much power and whether it is a vital tool for holding government to account. The Nuffield Foundation-funded research will provide independent evidence on how governments respond to judicial decisions and how ordinary claimants fare when public authority decisions that fundamentally affect their lives are reviewed by the courts.

Details of The Value of Judicial Review project on the Nuffield Foundation website.

Centre of excellence in European law

Our Essex Centre for Comparative and European Law (EXCCEL)  is a 'virtual' centre of excellence in European legal research. EXCCEL provides an opportunity for knowledge exchange between policymakers engaged in European and comparative law and our experts at the School of Law.

Transitional Justice Network

The Essex Transitional Justice Network brings together academics from across the University and collaborators from the UK and abroad. We are exploring issues faced by societies that are undergoing fundamental socio-political change, notably the transition from a repressive to a democratic or constitutional regime, or from a state of civil war and unrest to peace and prosperity.

STeR - colonialism, slavery, trade and reparations

STeR - colonialism, slavery, trade, reparations: remedying the 'past'? is a research project based in the School of Law that examines the contemporary legacy and ramifications of colonialism and slavery. Led by Fernne Brennan, STeR aims to formulate a framework for reparations that would be adopted by influential international organisations such as the United Nations, the World Trade Organisation and the International Monetary Fund.

Access to justice in an age of austerity

Professor Ellie Palmer, Dr Tom Cornford and Dr Anna Hardiman-McCartney, from our School of Law, are the primary investigators on Access to justice in an age of austerity: Time for proportionate responses.  This project, supported by the Economic and Social Research Council, will include a Seminar Series looking at growing concerns surrounding access to legal services especially for socially disadvantaged individuals and groups.

Investigating impact of human rights on business

Our academics are working with colleagues in Essex Business School, our Department of Government and external partners on the Essex Business and Human Rights Project. The research looks at the theoretical and practical impact of human rights in business.

Research on United Nations peacekeeping

With 120,000 troops, police and observers involved in 15 different United Nations peacekeeping missions across the globe, at a cost of almost $8 billion a year, Scott Sheeran from our School of Law is leading a review of the related legal and human rights issues. United Nations Peacekeeping Law Reform Project.

Research at the Human Rights Centre

Current research projects at our Human Right Centre  include the Children and Armed Conflict Unit, the Democratic Audit of the United Kingdom, the Impact of judicial decisions on the quality and delivery of public services and Human Rights and Sustainable Development.

Working with you

Working with you

We are committed to engaging with business and the community through our work. Find out how you can work with our School of Law.

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Find a scholarship

Use our Scholarship Finder to find the right funding for you. Scholarships and bursaries are available to support talented students, ensuring we remain accessible to all with the potential to succeed, regardless of your financial circumstances.

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Find a PhD

Use our research finder to find the right PhD for you. Studying for your PhD at Essex gives you a chance to investigate your topic with depth and understanding. You develop new high-level skills, enhance your professional development and build networks, opening doors to many careers.

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