Theses and student papers

PhD and Masters theses

A complete catalogue of PhD theses, completed by students from our Department, is available in our library catalogue.

Each year more than 80 students complete their Masters with our Department. We publish a list of previous Masters dissertation titles and copies of dissertations are available in the Spicer Library.

Essex Graduate Student Papers in Language and Linguistics

Although no longer being published, our annual collection of papers written by graduate students in our Department has been published since 1997. As a graduate student this gave invaluable experience of preparing a paper for publishing. Recent issues are available to download and back issues are available from the Spicer Library.

  • Volume 16 - November 2016

    PDF document

    This issue: Teachers’ Perceptions and Materials for Teaching Cultural Elements, The Development and Usage of Dzongkha Honorifics and Teachers' Language Skills and the Influence on Their Teaching Skills

    • Volume 15 - July 2015

      PDF document

      This issue: Phonological Development by Thai Learners of English: Stress Pattern Perspective| R-Vocalisation in Germanic Languages

      • Volume 14 - September 2013

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        This issue: The development of the Arabic reflective-impulsive cognitive style scale | The Form of English Wh-questions produced by Japanese Adolescent Learners: A Feature Reassembly Account | The study of variable (r) in Bangkok Thai consonant clusters by Teochew-Thais and native Thais in Hao Lam Phong Chinese community of Bangkok, Thailand | Age and language variation: a study of VOT for plosives in Essex English | An investigation of optional subject-verb agreement marking in low and high intermediate adult L2 speakers of English: Partial support for the Contextual Complexity Hypothesis

      • Volume 13 - September 2012

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        This issue: A comparative study of hard news and business news press releases | The effect of Japanese speakers of English on the pronunciation of native English speakers | The structure of Japanese causatives | The macrostructure of Japanese and English PhD theses | The effect of local discourse coherence on pronoun resolution | The status of yalli/lli in Lattakian Syrian Arabic | The perception and production of English by Pakistani learners and a study of Mexican Spanish interaction

      • Volume 12 - September 2010

        PDF document

        This issue: Against backward control analyses of Japanese tokuro-clauses | The effects of text types and L2 reading proficiency on Saudi L2 students' reading problems | Strategies for processing texts and phonological constraints on binomials in Iraqi Arabic with reference to English

      • Volume 11 - August 2009

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        This issue: Implementing a fragment of Modern Greek grammar, using the Xerox Linguistics Environment (XLE) | Considering teachers' beliefs and classroom practices in relation to ESP and EGP teaching methodology | Experimental approaches to Spanish stress placement | A-movement out of control clauses and the status of CP phase