Essex Modern Language Certificates

Essex Modern Language Certificates (EMLC) give members of the public, students and staff working at our University the opportunity to learn a language on a part-time basis in a well-established and highly-regarded academic environment.

We offer a wide choice of modules in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese ranging from beginner to mastery level.

Our Initial Intensive double modules are available in German and Spanish. Our new 15 credit intensive single modules are available in French and Italian. We also offer a Spanish, Italian or Romanian to Portuguese conversion course.

Whether you're considering a change of career, need to learn a language for your career development or would simply love to learn a language, EMLC offers:

  • a wide choice of modules to match your existing language skills
  • the opportunity to be taught by teachers who are native or bilingual speakers
  • development from beginner to A-level standard within one year (if you take our Initial Intensive double module and undertake a summer vacation course)
  • excellent preparation if you are considering full-time higher education

Prior to applying for a language module via Essex Modern Language Certificates, please note that Languages for All offers all registered students one year of language study at no extra cost. Modern language modules are also available as outside options, forming an integral part of your full-time degree.

Essex Modern Language Certificates are for you if you want to accumulate credits for a separate award in modern languages. In particular, if you're a postgraduate student and you require additional, higher level language skills in order to carry out your studies, then EMLC offers a range of modules at a variety of levels to cater for your needs.

EMLC is open to staff who work at the University. If you are considering part-time language study, please discuss this with your line manager in the first instance.

Each 15-credit single module costs:

  • Members of the public: £445*
  • Registered University of Essex students and staff: £280

Each 30-credit double module costs:

  • Members of the public: £890*
  • Registered University of Essex students and staff: £560

*If you successfully completed a University of Essex validated Bachelor’s degree, Master’s degree or Graduate Diploma, either at Essex or one of our partner institutions, you will receive an Alumni Loyalty Discount on this fee:

  • reduction of 33% if you achieve a First in your undergraduate degree/diploma (or a distinction in a Master’s degree)
  • reduction of 25% if you achieve a 2.1 (or a merit in a Master’s degree)
  • reduction of 10% if you achieve a 2.2 (or a pass in a Master’s degree).

To register for one of our courses please complete our online application form.

Your application will be assessed by the language teacher and we will confirm your place in writing (normally by email) prior to the start of the first teaching week.

Gain a qualification in modern languages

All our language modules are worth 30 credits except for our new intensive single modules in French and Italian. This single module has two 15 credit modules which must be taken together to form a 30 credit module. On completion, you reach the same language level as the double module.

You can choose to study a single or double module, or you can accumulate the credits towards a recognised qualification in modern languages:

  • Certificate of Continuing Higher Education in Modern Languages (60 credits)
  • Certificate of Higher Education in Modern Languages (120 credits)
  • Diploma of Higher Education in Modern Languages (240 credits)


As a part-time language student you learn a range of skills, including:

  • dealing with different situations when travelling
  • writing a business letter
  • making oral presentations and taking part in filmed role-plays
  • discussing the latest news bulletins in the language of choice
  • reading and understanding a variety of written texts such as extracts from newspapers, magazines or even novels

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Other ways to learn a language at Essex

There are three other ways for you to learn languages at Essex, if Essex Modern Language Certificates aren't for you - as your degree, choose a module or Languages for All.