Email services

We provide all staff and students with a Microsoft Office 365 account that gives you:

  • a personal email address
  • 50 GB of space to store your emails
  • access to calendars, contacts, cloud storage, software and apps

Need to send an email to lots of people in one go? Learn about the different types of mailing lists available to you and how to use them.

Mailing lists

There are three types of mailing lists at the University; mandatory, managed and subscription.

  • Mandatory lists: Membership of mandatory lists is a consequence of your role. For example, there are lists for students on a particular course and all staff in a particular department.
  • Managed and subscription lists: Membership of managed or subscription lists is a matter of personal choice. You can join, leave, or rejoin them, using the list's individual page for a subscription list, or by emailing the owner of a managed list.

Subscription lists

Mandatory lists

Delegated groups

Guidance for staff on the use of mailing lists


Mailshot creates a unique, temporary mailing list that allows you to send an email to up to 10,000 recipients. In general, it should only be used for emailing select students and staff.

Request new Role Mailbox form

Role Mailboxes are set up by IT Services. To requst one complete the web form below.

Manage membership

To manage who has access to the Role Mailbox, use the form below.

Help articles

The largest email you can send or receive is 25 MB. If you need to send email larger than this you can use our file sharing service called ZendTo, all free of charge.